We are one of the oldest rice millers and exporters in India. Our firm was established in 1948 and my father G.S. Chatha remained secretary and president for 18 years of Punjab rice millers association. We deal in Basmati & non basmati rice. We are exporting rice to Middle East, Europe (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany etc.) Iran, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, U.K, New Zealand, Canada, Mauritius etc. from India

Our firm was established in 1948 one year after independence. Average turnover is $ 5000000.00. We produce all kinds of basmati rice available in India. We have got complete plant from husking the paddy, polishing the paddy, grading, sortex and filling from 1kg onwards with the nitrogen flushing facilities.

We can provide traditional Basmati, 1121 Basmati Sella ( Parboiled), 1121 Steam , 1121 Raw, Pussa Sella Basmati , Pussa Steam Basmati and also different Varieties of Non- Basmati Rice. To retain the quality and longer shelf life of our Basmati Rice, we pack it in moisture-proof packaging material with nitrogen flushing.

Indian Basmati rice has a huge demand because of size of the grain and aromatic values.

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